Article 1: General

The SANDRO ANDY company (hereafter referred to as the “Organising Company”), a simplified joint stock company with capital of €279,344, registered with the Commercial Register of Companies under number 319 427 316, whose head office is located at 150 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris, France, is organising a free no-purchase-necessary Game on its world-accessible website called “Believe” from 31/08/022 to 31/10/2022 (hereafter referred to as the “Game").

It is henceforth specified that no prizes will be awarded in this Game since it is designed to help a charitable cause. Each Participant is invited to play in order to increase the donation that the Organising Company will make to the “Pencils of Promise” association when the Game ends, up to a limit of €100,000 (hereafter referred to as the “Donation”) through its endowment fund.

It is also specified that the Game’s duration may be extended by the Organising Company if the funds collected do not reflect the amount that it wishes to donate to the association.

Article 2: Conditions for taking part in the Game

2.1 Accessing the Game

The game can be accessed throughout the world via the following URL in China, where the Game is only accessible via WeChat and is the subject of separate game rules (participations are not taken into account in the calculation of the Donation provided for in these rules).

The Game is open to all natural persons (hereafter referred to as the “Participants”) who have clicked on the link to access the Game.

Each person can play as many times as they like, and each participation is taken into account when calculating the donation.

Participation in the Game implies the unconditional acceptance of these rules. In the event of inconsistencies between the interpretation of these rules and the commercial documents or presentation of the Game, these rules will take precedence.

2.2 Terms of Participation

To participate in the Game, Participants must click on the Game’s link, dress up their robot with clothes from the Sandro fall winter 2022 collection, and finish the three levels of the Believe game, all while trying to collect as many points as possible. In order to collect points, Participants must move their robots around their screen and make it catch as many pieces as possible while avoiding the obstacles.

Participants who fail to comply with these rules will have their participation in the game declared void.

Article 3: Donation

Each Participant may win up to 3000 points per level by playing the Game. At the end of each level of the Game, each Participants will be informed of the number of points collected as well as the amount of their participation in the Donation.

Based on the points collected by the Participants, the Organizing Company will unilaterally determine the amount in euros of the Donation that its endowment fund, SANDRO TOGETHER FOR THE FUTURE FUND, will make to the association "Pencils of promise". It is specified that the Organizing Company may supplement the amount of the Donation in the case that the points collected by the Participants do not seem sufficient. The maximum amount of the donation will be 100,000 euros.

Participants cannot request that the Organising Company exchange their points for euros. Since the Game was designed for charitable purposes, no prize will be won directly by the Participants.

Article 4: Personal Data

No personal data is collected during the course of the Game. If this were the case, however, the information collected would only be used by the Organising Company within the scope of the Game in order to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. In accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data, Participants have the right to access, rectify, erase, and object to the processing of their data at any time by writing to SANDRO – Service Clients RGPD, 150 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris. Participants who exercise their right to erasure before the end of the Game will be deemed to have withdrawn their participation.

Article 5: Intellectual Property

The reproduction, representation, or use of all or part of the elements constituting the Game, including these terms and conditions of the Game, is strictly prohibited. The brands, logos, texts, images, videos, and other distinguishing features reproduced by the Organising Company are the exclusive property of their owners and protected worldwide by the provisions set out in French Intellectual Property Law. Any unauthorised reproduction, in whole or in part, of these trademarks, logos and features constitutes an infringement subject to criminal penalties.

Article 6: Force Majeure

The Organising Company cannot be held liable and no recourse can be brought against it in cases where an event exhibiting the characteristics of force majeure occurs (strikes, bad weather, pandemics, etc.), thus partly or fully depriving you of the chance to participate in the Game.

Article 7: Liability

The Organising Company’s liability is strictly limited to delivering the Donation to the association of its choice.

Without this list being exhaustive, the Organising Company cannot be held liable for:

  • the transmitting or receiving of any data and/or information over the Internet;
  • any problem with the Internet that prevents the Game from functioning/continuing properly.
  • the failure or malfunction of the receiving equipment or communication lines;
  • the loss of emails or paper mail and the loss of any data in general;
  • the functioning of any software required for the Game;
  • The consequences arising from any virus, computer bug, anomaly, or technical malfunction;
  • any damage caused to the Participant’s computer;
  • any technical, hardware, and software malfunction of any kind that prevents or limits the possibility of participating in the Game or which damages the Player’s computer.

It is made clear that the Organising Company cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage in the wake of any interruption, malfunction, suspension, or termination of the Game, for any reason, or any direct or indirect damage that would result, in any way, from logging onto the site. It is up to each participant to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software on their computer equipment from any attack. Anyone logging onto the site and entering the Game does so at their own risk.

Article 8: Fraud

The Organising Company will cancel all or part of the Game if it appears that fraud of any kind has taken place, notably by computerised means, as part of participating in the Game. If this should occur, it reserves the right not to make the Donation.

Article 9: Legal Claims and Applicable Law

These rules are governed by French law. Any claim should be sent by post to the Organising Company’s customer services department within 15 days of the Game’s completion using the following address: SANDRO – Customer Services, 150 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris. Beyond that date, no further claims will be accepted.

Unless there are obvious errors, it is agreed that information resulting from the Organising Company’s Game systems has probative value in any claim regarding the connection elements and computer processing of said information relating to the Game. In the event of a persistent disagreement relating to the application and/or interpretation of these rules, and failing an amicable agreement, any dispute will be submitted to the court of competent jurisdiction.